Young Drivers and Black Box Insurance

You’ve bought your first car, it’s been cleaned, and polished and new car mats have given it a make-over. Now you want to get out onto the road.

If you’re a young driver you might have found it difficult to get a decent insurance quote. This is because insurance companies give young drivers a high-risk status. Statistics show that they are more likely to have an accident than any other age group.

But, there is a solution. You can choose to have a black box installed in your car and if you are a safe driver you’ll make substantial savings on your insurance premiums.

What is Black Box Insurance?

It’s called telematics and basically, it’s a small computer that’s fitted behind the dashboard of your vehicle. Nobody can see it, so your passengers won’t be able to tell you’ve got a black box.

How Does It Work?

The device, which is about the same size as a mobile phone, records the way you drive. The speeds you drive, how you accelerate, brake and take corners are all recorded. The data is then sent on to your insurance company and is analysed.

As well as the box you’ll also be able to access your own portal on your insurance company’s website. This will give you the details of the analysis. It will tell you what type of driver you are and point out any bad driving habits you have developed. This gives you the opportunity to rectify any mistakes you are making and improve your driving.

Are There any Restrictions?

Some insurance companies will restrict the amount of miles you can travel. Some put a restriction on night time driving. For example, you might have a higher premium if you travel between 9pm and 5am. If you work shifts, then this type of restriction might not be of benefit. If you do most of your driving during the day and you don’t do an excessive amount of miles, then the restrictions won’t affect you.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Yes. If you have an accident the black box will have recorded your speed and other information which can help accident investigators when they need to find out who caused an accident. The black box also contains a GPS system. This means that if your car is stolen your insurance company should be able to track its whereabouts.

How is it Installed?

Your insurance company will arrange for an engineer to come and install the box at a time that’s convenient. It will normally take a week or two after you have taken out the policy.

If you drive safely your insurance company will offer you a better deal when you’re first policy is up for renewal and you can end up with car insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


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