Why A Dashcam is a Good Idea

Have you ever got back to your car from a shopping trip and found your wing-mirror broken, or you’ve had a bump and the driver hasn’t bothered to stop?

Crash for cash accidents are becoming all too common and it’s not just drivers that do it. People on bikes on pedestrians have also been known to jump in front of cars and pretend their injured. 

If you have a dashcam you stand a much better chance of explaining the situation to your insurance company. You might also be able to identify the driver who did the damage.

What is a Dashcam?

It is camera with video and audio. It works while you’re driving, although there are models that will start recording while you’re parked if they detect movement. There are various model to choose from, each one has different features.

Front Facing

This gives a front view only. They are useful if all you want is to record the traffic or a person in front of you. It won’t have a GPS system.

Dual Facing

This is more useful than a front facing only, mainly because a lot of accidents occur from behind. With this dashcam you’ll get footage from the front and the rear.

GPS Dashcams

More expensive dashcams come with a GPS system. It’s useful if you do a lot of driving around in places you don’t know well. Real time traffic information and front collision warning are also included in some cameras.

How A Dashcam Works

It is different from a video camera which records continually on one file. A dashcam records on short files of between 1 and 3 minutes. Once the memory card is full, the first files are deleted to make room for more. You can safe files though. If you have an accident the dashcam will do it automatically.

Where Do Put a Dashcam?

A dashcam screen is like a GPS system it goes onto your windscreen. You then plug it the cigarette lighter or you can have it wired in permanently.

Does the Screen Stay on when I am Driving?

If you’re using the GPS system, the screen with the maps can stay on. But, you can’t have the screen on as it is recording your journey for the dashcam it has to be turned off. 

Is Dashcam Film accepted as Evidence?

Yes. Dashcam evidence is accepted by insurance companies and also in Court. The first-time dash cam footage was used to convict a driver was in 2015.

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