Looking After Your Car’s Paintwork

To keep your car looking new for longer it’s a good idea to wash it every week. Washing it yourself is much better than using an automatic car wash. This is because the brushes can damage your paint work.

A weekly wash will remove all the accumulated grime, bird droppings, dead insects and dust. Leaving your car dirty can damage the paintwork and dull the finish.

Out of the Sun

It’s not a good idea to wash your car in the sunshine. The cleaning products aren’t as effective in heat and the water will dry and leave water marks. Wash it in a shady spot or wait until there are a few clouds around.

Get the Hose Out

First of all give your car a going over using a hose or a power wash. This gets rid of the dust and anything that’s sticking to the bodywork. Start with the roof and work your way down. Don’t forget to hose the tyres.

Shampoo and Sponge

Use a proper car shampoo if you can because washing up liquid contains detergent which can damage the paintwork. Use a sponge to wipe away dirt and stubborn spots that are still visible after the hose.

Chamois Leather

Dry the car off using a slightly damp chamois leather. Don’t forget door handles and any other areas where water can accumulate.


Once the bodywork is dry you can concentrate on the windows. Use a lint cloth and a spray glass cleaner to polish them inside and out.

Time for a Polish and Wax

Twice a year you should also give your car a polish and wax. This keeps the bodywork in tip-top condition and means that it is in excellent condition for longer.

Take a micro fibre cloth and apply the polish to the car. Then leave it to sink into the paintwork. You can then take the cloth and begin to polish using a circular motion until you’ve covered the whole of the car.

You can then apply wax to your car using the same method as polish. The wax will the paintwork a protective coat.

The Interior

Once the outside is squeaky clean you can then make a start on the interior.  Firstly get the hoover out and hoover the seats and the floors. Remove your car mats and wash them using a cloth and soapy water or hose them down and leave them to dry.  After that using a dedicated car interior spray clean the dashboard and the trim.

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