Hiring a Car – 5 Things to Remember

If you’re going on holiday either in the UK or abroad or on business, you might want to hire a car to get you from the airport to your destination and/or for travelling around once you’re there.

Many people who have hired cars complain that sometimes there can be a difference in what they pay when they get to the reception desk and what they’ve been quoted back home. Petrol charges are also a problem and excess insurance.

Booking in Advance

If you book your car hire at the same time as you book your holiday, you’re more likely to make a saving. Booking ahead of time is normally much cheaper than booking a car at the airport.

Excess Insurance

One of things you’ll be asked when you go to the reception to pick up the car is whether you want the excess insurance policy. This means that if you do have an accident, or even a pump you won’t have to pay the excess fee that will be included on the policy. If it’s a large excess, then it’s worth getting out extra insurance.

But, you don’t have to take out the insurance with the car hire company. You can take out an annual policy with a company in the UK. Have a look online for companies like Direct Car Excess. Taking out a policy this way will be cheaper. The only downside is that the car hire company will block off a deposit from your credit card. So, make sure you have enough money on your card to cover the deposit and anything else you want to spend.

Filling Up

Many car hire companies will give you a car with a full petrol tank and ask you to return it that way at the end of your hire period. A mistake is to wait until you are at the airport. Prices will always be higher. The best thing is to look in advance for a petrol station close to the airport and fill up there.


When you are given the car make sure you take a good look at the document they give you showing any damage on the vehicle. Check it over yourself and take photographs before you leave the airport. If you have taken out excess insurance it won’t be so important, because you’re covered. But, if you haven’t taken out the extra cover you need to be sure there’s no unrecorded damage before you take it away.

Finally, take the car back on time. If you don’t you could be charged late return charges which will be in the small print of your hire car contract. You could even be charged an extra day’s rental, so don’t take the risk and get to the airport with enough time to get the car back and check in on time.



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