Five Tips To Make Sure Your Car Lasts Longer

Do you want your older car to look and perform well even though it’s not new? Here are five tips to help you keep your car looking good and running smoothly.


Cleaning your car will help you keep the bodywork in good condition. Dust, grit and droppings from birds can ruin your paintwork. The best way to clean a car is by hand. That’s because car washes often have stiff brushes that cause slight scratches. Once it’s clean use a chamois to dry it off and then once a year give it a good polish.

The Interior

Look after the interior and your car will look like new for longer. Hoover the floor and the seats regularly and give the whole interior a good shampoo wash when its needed. If you’re car mats have seen better days, invest in some replacements. It’s an affordable way to ensure your interior is always clean and fresh.


You service book will tell you whether you should have your car looked at. It may be after a certain number of miles, or at a regular period. Whether it’s months or miles it is worth keeping up to date with your servicing schedule.

Maintaining your car by changing the oil and other fluids is important. A check up at the garage can also flag up any wear and tear issues. These can then be dealt with before they become a break-down, such as brake or clutch wear.


Check your tyres often. If they are under-inflated, you will use more fuel than necessary. Look at your tyre tread too. The legal level of tread in the UK is 1.6mm. But, it is best to replace tyres before they reach this point. This is because they won’t be doing their job well enough when they are so worn down.

Leads and Spark Plugs

If you have a petrol engine, worn spark plugs will affect your engine performance.  You might experience engine misfires, or you could have problems starting your car. Sparks plugs, and leads aren’t expensive to replace. They will help to keep your car engine running smoothly.


Filters get dirty and blocked up and they do need replacing from time to time. If the filters aren’t replaced you could have problems with spark plugs and you’ll end up using more fuel.    If you have travelled around 30,000 miles on your old filters, this is the time to get replacements.

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