6 Tips to Help Keep Your Car’s Value

It’s not unusual to own a variety of different cars. There’s the first car you had after passing your driving test, the one you bought when you started earning enough to finance a better one, the bigger car you bought when you started a family and the car you choose to run about in your retirement.

It’s a good bet that you sold each car on as you replaced it with another one. So, when you buy a car how do you make sure that it stays looking good for longer and keeps its value? Here are some tips to help you.

Don’t Smoke

If you have children with you in your car and they are under the age of 18 it is illegal to smoke, but if you’re alone or with other adults then you can light up.

However, smoking inside your car will leave it smelling less than fresh. Nicotine will also seep into the carpets and the upholstery and it doesn’t matter how much you clean it the smoke will adhere to all the car’s surfaces. That means it won’t appeal to a non-smoker when it comes to selling it.

Think Hard Before Using Second-Hand Parts

Although it’s tempting to nip down to the breakers yard and pick up a cheap part, it won’t necessarily save you money. Second-hand parts mostly come from cars that have broken down and aren’t worth replacing or cars that have been written-off in an accident.

You don’t know how well maintained the part has been or how old it is. You might end up paying more to have the same part replaced again because it won’t last as long as a new part. It could also put some buyers off, especially if they are looking for a car with genuine parts from the car’s manufacturer.

Don’t Miss Out On Basic Maintenance

Failing to maintain your car is the fastest way your car will lose its value. It’s very important to change filters and fluids as well as keeping the bodywork clean to prevent rust. You’ll find your car is much easier to sell if you have had it serviced regularly and you have the details of the service history.

Keep Pets in Place

Pet hair can ruin your car’s interior. Ingrained pet hairs can’t be removed so it’s best to place a blanket on the seat where your pet is sitting. Each time you have your pet in your vehicle give it a hoover to keep the interior clean and fresh. It’s okay if your buyer is a dog lover too, but you might get a good offer from someone who doesn’t have a pet and it would be a shame to lose a sale because you didn’t keep the car free from pet hairs.

 Avoid Modifications

Modifying your car might mean a bigger insurance bill. It can also effect fuel economy and make replacing modified parts more expensive. This means you won’t attract buyers who are looking for a car they can insure at a reasonable price.

Watch Your Mileage

Mileage will have an effect on your car’s resale value. Don’t use it to nip 1 minute down the road to the newsagents, it’s just adding mileage when it’s not necessary.

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